It Is Well With My Soul

May your heart be steady when your knees start to tremble
and your will be strong when adversity won’t slumber,
may your tears be of joy as much as they’re of sorrow
and may your wounds be the doors that light up tomorrow,
may your shadows be the proof of candles and fire
and trust your companion when the waters get dire,
may forgiveness still follow your anger and ire
and love be the purpose to breathe and to aspire,
may your bow stay stable and lively your arrow
and may faith be your bones and joy be the marrow
and may your wisdom bring peace to all you remember,
so your life may be carved into God’s greatest temple.

There is a saying: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” It asserts that in those who are strong a challenge may inspire great perseverance and fortitude. But sometimes fortitude is not a steel structure that guards and protects, but a gentle sense of hope that resolves and believes and trusts that darkness is never permanent, not even when circumstances seem to swallow the Sun.

There are times when we must lay our shields and weapons down and all our past experiences will be for naught – and then, the moment comes, the moment when we finally realise that it’s alright to feel sad and disappointed or angry and annoyed or anxious and afraid, that we don’t have to fight against our feelings – all we ever need do is understand. The river of life is magnificent and beautiful and diverse and sometimes we struggle and sometimes we get stuck and sometimes we feel lack or frustration or impatience – that’s okay, it’s alright to pause, it’s alright to realign, it’s alright to relax. Because our troubles will pass and the understanding will come, the reason will appear, the meaning will emerge.

We do not need to avoid or fight our feelings nor do we need to try to bury or desperately dismiss that which causes or has caused us pain – there is no need to despair nor a need to forget, only to make peace with what has been, what is and what will be. That does not come within a day or maybe not even in a lifetime but that’s alright as well, because all it takes now to grow and go forward is to take a simple step. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to carry the weight of the ones that come after. All it takes is a little hope and the rest will come in time – that hope is ultimately our truest fortitude. After all, it takes great courage and strength to face difficulties and still be able to say: “It is well with my soul.”


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