Light Up

You carry the sun
at the back of your head,
you banish the dark.

Memory is elusive
but this much I know,
love is like fingerprints:
unique to us all.

You carry the stars
in the pockets of your coat,
you light up the dark.

Pain may be necessary,
but suffering is not,
a wound is a window
for compassion and love.

You carry the galaxies
in every cell of your being,
you illuminate the dark.

The light of our souls
is the source of our healing,
the peace and the hope
the world has been seeking.

Dear friends,

I want you to know that the kindness and the love in your heart and your hands do make a difference. Thank you for being here, on our wonderful Earth, doing the best that you can. I cannot properly express how much it truly matters. I hope you know: all of the Universe sees how incredibly valuable you are.

With love,

i shall pass this way but once


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