Have Trust

Do not let your expectations limit the outcome. Sometimes we are so set on doing something in a certain way that we miss the fact that there may be a solution unknown to us that is even better than we can perceive at the moment.

How can you know what you do not yet know? If you consider only the outcome that seems the best possible solution, then you ignore the ones that you are not yet aware of. That does not suggest that we should not focus on the most positive possibility, it simply means that we should also leave room for the universe to unfold as it could for the highest good of all. Because there may come a moment that we find ourselves surprised how well something turned out and how it was better than we thought possible.

Trust yourself enough to know that sometimes the best answer is still hidden within you and you need to be open and patient enough to let it come to your awareness.


Every step forward increases the clarity of your view.
Have trust. Believe in yourself.



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