Where Love Is

Only great storms make us look for something within us that is constant, calm and balanced, despite the circumstances outside of us. Only a great darkness makes us look for the light that never loses its life and still burns within our hearts, waiting patiently to be discovered. Only falling makes us realise that we have the ability to fly and that we were meant to do so courageously.

Every step towards your authentic self is an act of freedom, peace and happiness. So,

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”
– Confucius

And you shall see that fear cannot exist where love is.


4 thoughts on “Where Love Is

  1. Absolutely, sometimes you just have to dive into that tidal wave, because there is no way to fight it back. Take a deep breath, let the current take you and be patient, who knows what wonderful places you’ll visit when you resurface…

    Great post, you write wise words

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