The Love of Life

I think that sometimes, when the night has lost its glare and the Sun is high up in the clear blue sky and the worry has been long gone with the wind that once helped us to awaken from our slumber, we forget to be grateful. We forget what the winter had meant and suddenly we might not remember anymore; we might forget what the summer had felt like when it had just started, when everything was so fresh and joyous, even magical.

When will we remember again that the flowers that blossomed were born from the soil of the heart, fertilized with the tears we shed when pain chose to become our teacher? Can we remember to be grateful not backwards in reminiscing and regretting, but now and on the way forward, despite the enigmatic days ahead?

The path is elusive because the path still needs creating. But perhaps this is the best thing about life – the way it never takes away your free will to think and feel just like you; uniquely, with a spark of light that nothing and no one could ever duplicate. The darkness may come, and it often does, but the only one who has the power to blow out your candle is you.

Did you forget to be grateful for the darkness after it went away? Did it not show you then that the light within is more powerful than anything? Could it truly be without value or reason? Might it not be a gift for those who are brave enough to grow? Might it not be what makes the little acorn into a great oak tree? Is it not the struggle that transforms the caterpillar into a butterfly and gives it wings to embrace its true potential?

I do not want to forget to be grateful. I do not want to take for granted the breath that fills my lungs and gives me life. I do not want to walk the Earth without recognizing the value in my heart and in the hearts of others. I want to glow from the love of life and be grateful for not only the good things, but also the difficulties without which I would not be where I am now. And I am, I am grateful, even if sometimes some things still come back and try to hurt me. But piece by piece, with understanding and gratitude, love will heal the sorrow and my wings will grow a little more.

Is that not worth it? Is it not worth the brilliance we can rediscover when we open our eyes to the light once more? Is it not worth the miracle that breaks through the clouds and bathes us in rays of gold?

I believe it is. And that is why it is not hard to be grateful. It is not hard to listen to the voice of my heart and trust that all things work together for the highest good of all. Because in the end, they do. The puzzle of life is so vast and so great and we can only perceive a tiny piece of it. But that does not mean we cannot add to the light of life and with our every heartbeat bless this Earth with a little kindness. Because ultimately, it is up to us to get closer to a peaceful world, one little step at a time, and if we do not, who will?

One little step and a heart that is open might just be what the world needs to heal. So remember to be grateful. Because gratefulness creates greatness.

And you were born to be great.


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