Trust Your Heart


Sometimes I do not understand myself at all. Sometimes it is hard to remember that everything has a reason. Sometimes it is easy to think that I am not special in my own way. Sometimes I get confused about what it is that I am searching for. Sometimes I doubt too much. Sometimes I get terrified of what way I really wish to walk because it is still unknown and undiscovered.

But I know I have my heart beating within my chest and guiding me on my way. I know that with every step I take forwards, more and more will be revealed to me. I know that the journey is equally important with the destination, maybe even more. I know that every feeling inside is an indicator helping me to find my way. My feelings are like road signs that tell me if I am on the right track or not. I know that without my feelings I would be lost and that includes all of them -.happiness, pain, contentment, frustration, peace, nervousness, joy, sadness and so on.

Sometimes we might get too caught up in the answers and we may even refuse to walk on before we know exactly what is to come. The result is and will always be standstill and constant frustration. No one can possibly know all the answers. No one can know what tomorrow will bring until it has transformed into today. No one can really know things before they actually discover them.

Think about it this way: if, for example, the rivers thought one day that they would not turn the curve before they knew what was hiding behind that curve, then what would the world be like? There is no use in that for the journey is the uncoverer of the answers we seek. If we are not willing to go on the journey, without the comfort to know where exactly it will take us, than we will never move from where we are to where we could be.

We must find the belief within to trust in the flow of life. Flowing is the natural state of life. It is where freedom, joy, love and light are born. It is where growth becomes possible and fulfilling. It is where understanding and intuitive knowing can be reached. It is where resonance with all of life is found.

Sometimes, especially when we fall out of the flow, it is difficult to remember the reason to stand for what we believe is the right way for us and not succumb to the pressure society has put on people. But then we must remember that they cannot make us feel anything negative without our consent. We are the ones who react, not them.

The important thing is that the only one in the whole world who can bring you happiness and contentment is you and no one else. There may be people in your life who you can share your joy with, but they do not create its seed within you. So that means no opinion, no achievement, no success can bring you happiness unless it has come through who you really are. There will be always something missing if you cannot find the inner-peace and acceptance within yourself.

Sometimes the way that is filled with many obstacles, is the most fulfilling of them all. For obstacles are lessons that help you to grow to greater heights. As long as you have trust in yourself, life and the way of your heart, everything will turn out the way it is supposed to. And you might just realise someday that all those hardships you once had to face were really just blessings in disguise that helped you to be the best of who you truly are.


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